Leadership, Partnership & Dedication

Headquartered in Hartford, Connecticut, Simplicity Group Holdings is one of the nation’s largest and fastest growing financial marketing organizations with over 20,000 financial professionals, 100 partner agencies, and 30 broker-dealer partners located throughout the United States. Simplicity is transforming the financial services industry by unifying the strengths and passions of its leadership and partners to create solutions that help advisors provide the utmost service for their clients.


Financial Professionals


Partner Agencies


Broker-Dealer Partners


Simplicity’s distribution partners are at the core of the organization.

From executing the corporate vision to leading its strategic growth plan, its partners are responsible for the organization’s vitality and industry influence. Partnership means a shared vision, cultivating expertise, and innovating the channels of the financial planning process.  Simplicity’s capacity to work at scale with its distribution partners places it in a distinct position to develop new thinking in a collaborative environment. The organization provides operational, compliance, accounting, human resources, finance, and technology support, with the goal of optimizing the efficiencies and talents of each partner office.


Simplicity’s valued distribution partners include:
BHC Marketing
M3 Financial
Vick & Associates